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Importance of Coaching in the Western Major Baseball League

Earlier this week we got the chance to talk to The Medicine Hat Mavericks Assistant Coach Fehlandt Lentini, and ask him some questions on the importance of coaching, and good relationships in summer collegiate baseball. Fehlandt is coaching his very first season in the Western Major Baseball League, and this season has spent countless of hours working with each and every single Maverick, working on their swings, and teaching them the fundamentals of hitting. Fehlandt is a long time Independent League pro, who set many Independent League hitting records along the way, so he is a great mentor for the Mavericks to learn from.

We asked Fehlandt what his expectations were for the season, and if the Mavericks had exceeded them by qualifying for the playoffs so early, and Fehlandt said that his expectations whether playing or coaching is always to win a championship. He wanted to make sure the guys got better playing baseball, and individually as hitters. Fehlandt also said that he has learned that you do not celebrate until the end so although it is nice that they are already in the playoffs, it will not mean anything if they lose in the first round.

When asked how he has seen the team grow in the past two months Fehlandt said that he sees a lot of hitters with a far greater understanding of what they are trying to do at the plate, and how to be consistent getting it done. Fehlandt also mentioned that he thinks the guys have really learned what it means to be a team, and not a group of individuals.

Fehlandt said that there is nothing at all that he would change, or say differently to the players at the beginning of the season. The Mavs Assistant Coach said that he thinks the success of the team shows how prepared the team was for this season.

When asked what good coaching means for summer ball players Felandt went into great detail on how good coaching is how players get better. For Fehlandt it is all about teaching the players new stuff to take back for their college season, and be a far better player for themselves, and their team. Their jobs as coaches is to point out the mistakes, and teach them how to avoid them, and be more prepared to not let it happen again. Failure is built into the game for a reason, its the best way to get better, just like life.

Fehlandt's coaching goal this season was to try and teach the players all the information that took him seventeen years of playing to learn in only a couple of months. Fehlandt had a ton of success playing, and wanted to instill in the players the things that he believes set him apart from everyone else.

Lastly, when Fehlandt was asked how he made sure he was helping the players fully fulfill their potentials on a daily basis Fehlandt said it is all about the relationships. He mentioned that you want the players to respect where you are coming from, and believe in what you are saying. Fehlandt tries to fully explain the difference between what they players are doing, and what they could be doing instead. Hitting is something that can be explained in many different ways, and he attempts to find the right way that each individual needs to hear the information so that the players can obtain it long term. Some players are visual learners, and some can hear what you are saying, and picture it themselves, just like himself. Fehlandt tries to make everything as positive as possible, because that is what failure is supposed to be. To him, that is the only way you learn.

The Medicine Hat Mavericks are very fortunate to have Fehlandt Lentini apart of the coaching staff for the 2018 season. His incredible attitude, and philosophies to coaching has certainly helped the Mavericks this season en route to their 30-7 record.

The Mavericks next home game is July 20th at 7:05 pm against the Brooks Bombers. Game day sponsor is Safety Nett Training Services Foremost. Come down, and cheer on the Mavs!

Dawson Thompson - Game Day Commentator and Media Personnel,

Medicine Hat Mavericks.

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