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Down But Never Out




    After a grueling sixth game in as many nights, the Mavericks pushed the Moose Jaw Express all the way till the final at-bat in the bottom of the ninth inning Sunday afternoon at Athletic Park.


Although the losing streak was extended to 6 games, the Mavericks came as ready to play as one could have hoped. It is worth noting the red and white didn't even arrive home a full 12 hours ahead of the matinee match up.


While the Mavericks are still looking for consistent success at the plate, the steady teamwork in the outfield and infield showed well making a few “Highlight Reel” plays that gave the team and crowd of over 1000 some needed energy and excitement. Colten Wright on first base was the anchor that allowed the Mavericks to hang in all the way to the end making some big-league like plays. Collin Klingensmith also showed his quickness and high skill making great plays all afternoon. Freddie Walker was a backbone in the center field spot making catches to get the Mavericks out of innings and keep them alive.


Garrett Nicholson was given the loss but throwing the stats sheet to the side, also gave the Mavericks a chance in the game and showed great poise throwing pitches that were able to keep the team moving and not get trapped in innings.


It was also a day at the park that wasn't entirely just about baseball either and as we all know baseball is much more than just a game, With today's contest falling on Fathers Day a few players were fortunate enough to have there dads in the stands watching oh so closely of course. For local product, Zach Stark having his family and father in the stands meant everything to the soft-spoken catcher.


“ This team is something I dreamed about (playing for) since I was a little guy. My dad took me to games, coached me and played catch with me. I just want to make him proud and I wouldn't be in this position I am without his guidance. I love my dad”


The Mavericks return to action Tuesday evening with a visit from Lethbridge.


-Ryder Mckay

Media Director


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