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A Maverick Story

A Maverick Story

 The boys of summer will wake up today to find themselves in a playoff position after what seemed like a lost season just one month ago. In relentless Maverick like fashion the red and white have battled to get themselves into 4th place. 


The Mavericks continue to fight and find ways to get wins even if they aren’t the nicest games to watch at times. 


Like any sports movie or quote, the team is continually “grinding” and finding ways to keep their playoff dream alive. 


Last nights convincing 8-2 win against the divisions best Okotoks Dawgs proved the team is capable of competing and are a better team then the standings suggest.


So what’s changed from just over a month ago? Well, you can start with the additions of Taylor Wright and PJ Garcia, or you can look at what Austin Sojka and Nolan Rattai have been able to do at the plate. You could also talk about what Freddy Walker and Sal Rodriguez do on the defensive side of things as well.


With the coaching staff and management group still fine tuning the bullpen releasing and adding in new arms, a few pitchers have emerged as anchors for the team and have done a great job of getting the Mavericks to where they are today. Last night for example, the Michigan product Garrett Nicholson threw 6 strikeouts playing 7 innings giving the opposition hardly anything to swing at. Most importantly Nicholson avoided getting trapped in long drug out innings that have killed the red and white in the past. All star reliever Flynn Ridley has also proved his worth on the mound pitching over 16 innings this summer already. Although his last game slipped away on him, Jon Guardado has shown the ability to come in and close out games for the Mavericks as well throwing well into the 92mph range on a consistent basis.


Maybe it's just a classic case of a group of individuals becoming truly part of a team that's been the main factor in the Mavericks rise. For PJ Garcia it has been a seamless transition coming into the locker room and jumping right into action.


“They are just a good group of guys” - PJ Garcia


As the season rolls on and the roster deadline rapidly approaches, the final stretch is upon the boys of summer and although the dogfight is far from over, for this group of character individuals that's just fine.


The Mavericks story continues tonight with a visit from the Lethbridge Bulls who have lost three straight heading into tonight's contest. Opening Pitch goes at 7:05 with McMan Foster Recruitment sponsoring the evening where the Mavericks will look to close in on 3rd place in the division.

Ryder Mckay

Media Director

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